Photovoltaic profiles

The aim of the production of composite profiles with anti-corrosion and strength properties, superior to aluminium and steel products, is to introduce into the Polish and world market a construction and assembly material that is an alternative to the currently used steel and aluminium metallurgical products, the production of which requires dirty technologies based on hard coal and their replacement with clean technologies ensuring a smaller carbon footprint.

The production of composite materials that can replace the currently used metallurgical products may contribute to reducing Co2 emissions, and their use in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels and supporting structures of photovoltaic installations at home and photovoltaic farms will contribute to increasing the production of green energy and thus provide future generations with access to alternative materials with strength parameters exceeding those of metallurgical products, four times lighter than steel, anti-corrosive, UV resistant and colored in the mass, requiring no maintenance or painting.

Composite profiles as a structural and load-bearing material of photovoltaic farms allow their installation on land and on water using their advantages in the form of total UV resistance, non-flammability, insulation, low weight.