KG Construction Sp. z o.o.

It is a modern, family-run and rapidly developing company, created from a combination of passion for creating and love of modern technologies. The company is formed  by people with many years of experience in wide range of industries. Our market analysis allows us to respond flexibly to its needs. In order to develop a cost-effective offer for our clients, we offer projects, analyses, and technical advice on optimizing technological processes and materials used.

We offer turnkey project implementation: from design to delivery and start-up, maintenance, warranty and post-warranty services.
Cooperating with both Polish and foreign companies, we constantly exchange our knowledge and experience with our partners.

Our projects:

We implement new technologies and materials offering products of the highest quality standard. We are constantly looking for new manufacturing technologies and materials in order to meet the customer’s expectations with regard to cost optimization while maximizing the durability and efficiency of projects and deliveries.

The main areas of our activity are renewable energy sources and their use through the construction of equipment and installations for their acquisition in a manner that ensures maximum efficiency and durability of the installation while minimizing the carbon footprint necessary for their production.

We would like to share our passion and experience with you.
We invite you to cooperate with us
Management Board of KG Construction Sp. z o.o.